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Features of DeviceOnline

Easy to use interface

  • DeviceOnline provides a straightforward and intuitive user interface. Our target is to design and provide an easy to use application interface for a fast usage and comfort.
  • Use Drag and Drop to add content to your playlist
  • Rearrange and setup playlist items with a simple dragging

Small Footprint

  • DeviceOnline applications are with very small files size and are fast to download and install
  • During normal operation the application take almost no CPU and Memory usage.

Wireless Media Streaming

  • Stream video, audio and more to your home network devices
  • Watch movies on your HD Smart TV and UPnP/DLNA compatible devices by a few mouse clicks

Play External Media Source

Browser Integrated UI

  • DeviceOnline applications provide nice browser integrated User Interface, so you are able to control them event from your favorite internet browser 

Build in a tiny Local Media Player

  • You can use a tiny build-in local media player


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