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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How I can reorder items in my playlist

    You can change playlist items order using mouse Drag&Drop action over the element in question.

  2. How I can remove items from my playlist

    You can remove a playlist item by placing mouse over the element in question (so called hover) and click the cross button at right.

  3. My UPnP / SmartTV device is not getting detected by DeviceOnline application

    Make sure that your device is properly configured and connected to your local network. Note that in order to properly detect UPnP devices, they should be connected to the same network with DeviceOnline application.

  4. My SmartTV doesn't display subtitle files

    Serving external subtitle files is not part of the UPnP/DLNA protocol specification, so different vendors are using different methods to handle them. DeviceOnline is trying to handle as much as possible ways to serve subtitles, so make sure you followed the steps described here.

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