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DeviceOnline SmartTV Sharing


On selecting the download link you will need to wait a little bit in order to download the app. The setup size is about 30 MB.

In Start Menu

After successful installation, you should be able to find DeviceOnline shortcut inside Start Menu as shown on the image.

Main APP Window

The main app window contains the following items:

  • List of discovered devices e.g. a basic Local Player, your UPnP/DLNA device such as your Smart TV, Smart Phone, Digital Media Players, etc.
  • Playlist area used to place media files you want to share
  • External URL filed - user can provide external media such as YouTube video URL or other media link.
  • Progress, which shows you the elapsed time of the currently playing track or movie and also allows time based seeking
  • Playback controls such as: Play, Pause, Resume, Stop, Next and Previous and also volume control
  • Status bar - shows the current number of players
  • Help button
  • About button

Found devices in your local network

With the red rectangle is marked the drop down menu, which you can use to select desired device.

Every device supporting UPnP/DLNA, which can act like a Digital Media Renderer (DMR) should be inside the list.

APP Settings

The settings dialog allows the HTTP Server port change and change of other preferences.

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