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Friday, 06 January 2017 23:55

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How I can reorder items in my playlist

    You can change playlist items order using mouse Drag&Drop action over the element in question.

  2. How I can remove items from my playlist

    You can remove a playlist item by placing mouse over the element in question (so called hover) and click the cross button at right.

  3. My UPnP / SmartTV device is not getting detected by DeviceOnline application

    Make sure that your device is properly configured and connected to your local network. Note that in order to properly detect UPnP devices, they should be connected to the same network with DeviceOnline application.

  4. My SmartTV doesn't display subtitle files

    Serving external subtitle files is not part of the UPnP/DLNA protocol specification, so different vendors are using different methods to handle them. DeviceOnline is trying to handle as much as possible ways to serve subtitles, so make sure you followed the steps described here.

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Copy of START DeviceOnline Lite

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START DeviceOnline Lite

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Sunday, 13 December 2015 15:46

How to work with DeviceOnline

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How to work with DeviceOnline


How the main DeviceOnline window looks like

The main window of DeviceOnline media streamer

  1. Drop down menu for Player selection - will be filled with the found network players
  2. Playlist Search box - used to find fast desired playlist items. Note that this will not change the playback order.
  3. Clear Playlist button - Remove all items from playlist area
  4. Browse button - Open browse dialog used to add files to media playlist
  5. Remove item button - Hover a playlist entry and click the cross button in cases you desire to remove it from the playlist
  6. Playlist area - Use the Browse button in order to add file entries to the playlist.
  7. URL text box - place the media (audio, video, image) URL here and hit the Enter key to add desired URL to playlist. Note you can directly place YouTube URLs and they will be automatically resolved ... read more
  8. Add URL button - click this button in order to add the desired URL to playlist (same as the Enter key)
  9. Media controls - media controls buttons and progress bar. User can directly perform track navigation by simple click over the progress bar line. The media buttons so far are: Previous song, Play. Pause, Stop, Next track and Repeat track.
  10. Status bar - shows number of players and other events. When a new event occur (e.g. a new player comes online) the text blink effect will be observed to indicate the event.
  11. Help button - In case you need to check this page again


How to connect to your Smart TV or UPnP Box

The DeviceOnline application is designed to connect and stream media to your smart TV and similar devices. Once it starts it scans your local network for UPnP / DLNA compatible devices - Digital Media Renderers. This means that if you own devices like Smart TV, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc connected to your local area network (LAN), the DeviceOnline should be able to detect them. Once the device is discovered, the application will include it in its list of mediaplayers for possible selection.

Below are several simple steps that describe how to share content to your Smart TV or UPnP / DLNA complient device:

  • Download, install and start the DeviceOnline stand alone application or the Chrome extension
  • Drag and Drop desired folders and media files into the window
  • Choose the desired Media Player device from the Drop Down
  • Double click on an item from your playlist
  • Use the playback controls in order to Pause. Resume, Stop or Skip the current item
  • You can use the following short cut keys for playback controls:
    • F1: Open the Help page
    • SPACEBAR: Pause / Resume command
    • +: Volume UP
    • -: Volume DOWN
  • To use subtitles, a "srt" files are supported and should be with same file name as the movie. Note that subtitles must be present in the track list.

Subtitles set up

  • File naming - Rename the subtitle "srt" file to match the name of corresponding video file.
  • File encoding - Most UPnP media renderers require the subtitle's file encoding to be in Unicode encoding (e.g. for LG Smart TV the encoding is UTF-8 with BOM). You can use some advanced text editor to change the encoding.
  • Playlist notes -The "srt" file should be present in playlist along with the corresponding media file.

Watch external links

DeviceOnline is capable to provide playback from external links. In most cases user can extract the URL from web page content using the context menu over the desired element. The extracted URL should be placed inside URL Text Box filed and hit Enter to add it to the playlist. Normally the external links should contain an extension, but there are some exceptions such as YouTube. In order to find out how to share links from YouTube, TED, VBox7, TWiT, Revision3 and others, please follow the link.

Known limitations:

  • The DeviceOnline Remote Media Center uses the browser build in HTML-5 player, so it may not play all media files provided by the server APP. The reason for this limitation is that different browsers can play different types of media, and the built-in HTML-5 player is bound to it.
  • Sometimes adding external URLs such as YouTube videos may lead to message like - "Failed to add URL entry due to website restrictions!". This notification rises since some video clips are restricted for streaming outside YouTube service.
  • The Chrome application is not capable to put itself into the Windows firewall exception list, so a manual firewall setting for port 8090 is required.
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Tuesday, 08 December 2015 23:48

Contact US

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At the moment, you can contact us:

1. By e-mail:

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. Social Networks:

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We are small and passionate team willing to create helpful software applications and tools. Our goal is to create software which will help people enjoy the multimedia world. We are working on different kind of projects and we give best of us to provide high quality software applications.

The one of our most passionate projects is DeviceOnline. We believe DeviceOnline is a simple, easy-to-use yet powerful media streaming and sharing tool. We are happy to improve it every day and watch how it is evolving towards a better program. Our tiny media streamer can offer many different features such as: UPnP/DLNA support, fast playlist management by simple drag&drop, small footprint and many more.


If you want to contact us, please do so from here.


Tuesday, 08 December 2015 21:57


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News abot


Find out what's new

Read More: News

More about us

Here you can find more information about our website, who we are and what is the main idea.

Read More: Info about us
Contact Dev Online

Contact with us

Find how you can contact us.

Read More: Contact us
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DeviceOnline SmartTV Sharing


On selecting the download link you will need to wait a little bit in order to download the app. The setup size is about 30 MB.

In Start Menu

After successful installation, you should be able to find DeviceOnline shortcut inside Start Menu as shown on the image.

Main APP Window

The main app window contains the following items:

  • List of discovered devices e.g. a basic Local Player, your UPnP/DLNA device such as your Smart TV, Smart Phone, Digital Media Players, etc.
  • Playlist area used to place media files you want to share
  • External URL filed - user can provide external media such as YouTube video URL or other media link.
  • Progress, which shows you the elapsed time of the currently playing track or movie and also allows time based seeking
  • Playback controls such as: Play, Pause, Resume, Stop, Next and Previous and also volume control
  • Status bar - shows the current number of players
  • Help button
  • About button

Found devices in your local network

With the red rectangle is marked the drop down menu, which you can use to select desired device.

Every device supporting UPnP/DLNA, which can act like a Digital Media Renderer (DMR) should be inside the list.

APP Settings

The settings dialog allows the HTTP Server port change and change of other preferences.

Tuesday, 08 December 2015 02:29

Information about us

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Here we present you the website

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