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What is 4K Ultra HD

What is 4K Ultra HD

Detailed information about Ultra High Definition Television (HDTV) and its application in the modern Smart TVs

Intoduction to HD Devices

The rapid technologies change has its impact over the TV technologies as well. Nowadays the market is full of high-definition video devices and people have the chance to receive remarkable image quality and color precision. High Definition Television (HDTV) provides up to five times bigger resolution compared to traditional analog TV and meant 1080p (1920x1080). The HD technology is still in use, but is quickly overtaken by ultra high definition (UHD) television. This new technology is mature enough and is pretty accessible in terms of smart TV price and market distribution.


Smart TV Screen Resolution

History of HDTV

The term High Definition comes from the early 1936 and describes a series of television systems. Generally speaking it was relative term, since the high definition devices are such compared to the earlier systems that provide about 30 lines of resolution. At this time the HD systems are with analog based video transmission and two different standards dominates the market: PAL and NTSC. The rapid increase of video channels led to bandwidth problem and force the need of a new more efficient standard.


In the early 1990's a major breakthrough came with MPEG set compression technologies. At first it comes the MPEG-1 lossy compression method as a pioneer of coding moving pictures and audio. Next it evolves to MPEG-2 compression standard and moves researches further to H264, also known as MPEG-4 Part 10/AVC. This new compression standards push the video broadcast technologies forward as it makes HDTV broadcast possible and economically viable.


What is 4K

 A Ultra HD or 4K defines a resolution four times bigger than the one defined by HDTV 1080p resolution. Based on standards from SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), the UHD defines a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels in high color fidelity and aspect ration of 16:9. Since the resolution is four time bigger than the normal HDTV, it is obvious that in space for a pixel the UHD will hold four. This also means that the bandwidth is much bigger to transmit and put some demands on existing hardware and software.

  • New HDMI 2.0 is developed to provide 4K support and it allows 60 frames per second (FPS) for 2160p video.  
  • Network speed - there are many services that allow internet streaming of 4K video. Some of them recommend usage of steady 25Mbps download speed for smooth data transmission.
  • Software application should be ready to handle bigger bandwidth and provide optimal media streaming


Different Resolution Types

 Even when the source video format is lower than ultra HD, your Smart TV still may provide you a better picture. Modern television sets use upscale conversion to handle cases where the video source is with lower resolution. Such cases force usage of image processing techniques such as sharpening and noise reduction by blurring. At this way the TV place  new additional pixels in a smarter way and can provide nicer picture even with ordinary Full HD video source.



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DeviceOnline is a free and easy to use tool for video streaming between your home devices

What is DeviceOnline?

DeviceOnline is a free project aimed to allow users to exchange content between devices such as PC, Smart TV, Mobile Phone, DLNA devices, etc. Our target is to provide an easy way for our users to exchange media with each other fast and easily. With DeviceOnline applications, you can wirelessly send media content from your computer to your television set and enjoy the power of the big screen. The DeviceOnline project is still evolving and our team is providing frequent updates and improvements.

Some of the main features of service are:

DeviceOnline DMC interface

Clean and easy to use interface


  • Easy to add, remove, search and play media files from your playlist.
  • Reorder items in playlist via simple Drag&Drop
  • Stream external media links such as YouTube, TED, TWiT, Revision3, VBox7 and other
  • Intuitive playback control and keyboard shortcuts support
  • Watch high definition movies in a few clicks
  • Support for Drag&Drop media files to achieve ultra fast playlist setup

Media Share

Share and stream multimedia


  • Stream music, movies and pictures from your PC to your TV via WiFi with a click
  • Keep using your computer while sharing media with your devices
  • A fast free way to connect your computer to your smart TV
  • Very fast automatic discovery of media renderers (DMR) connected to your local network such as Smart TVs, XBox devices and other
  • Act as a Digital Media Controller (DMC) and you control and stream media to your Smart TV or other UPnP / DLNA device
  • Supports subtitles and wide range of media formats
  • Has a simple build-in local media player


System usage

Small footprint

The main core functionality of DeviceOnline applications is written in oldsk00l C/C++. This results in a very low memory and cpu usage so it can run smooth even on older hardware.



Wan to download?

What is DLNA?

DLNA, stands for 'Digital Living Network Alliance', which is an industry wide standard for sharing media content between devices ... read more.

Want to see more?

Of course there is more that DeviceOnline can offer to you, so don't hesitate to visit any of:

  • Our FEATURES page to read more about our application features and articles
  • Checkout our SCREENSHOTS section to see DeviceOnline in action
  • Go to our direct DOWNLOAD page to get the latest version 

More information about and its website

As it was already mentioned, the main purpouse of is to provide media sharing services and applications. But this is not all, the DeviceOnline website provide also some interesting and informative reviews in different kind of topics such as technology, sport, music and so on.

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