Behind Office Doors (1931)

Behind Office Doors is a classic American drama film released in 1931 that you can watch for FREE on your SmartTV without registration or subscription.

Behind Office Doors is directed by Melville W. Brown and the screenplay is based on Alan Schultz’s 1929 novel, Private Secretary.

Story line

Mary Linden (Mary Astor) and James Duneen (Robert Ames) work for a paper company. Mary works as a receptionist and is secretly in love with James, who works as a sales representative. Ritter (Charles Sellon) is the current president of the company who is preparing for his retirement.

Mary has extensive knowledge of the factory and its customers, which goes beyond its job description. She used her knowledge of company policy to promote James and make him succeed the current president.

James is grateful to Mary for her help, but completely ignores her feelings for him.

List of actors

Below is a list of some of the main movie characters:

Mary AstorMary Linden
Robert AmesJames Duneen
Charles SellonJohn Ritter
Ricardo CortezRonnie Wales
Catherine Dale OwenEllen May Robinson
Kitty KellyDelores Kogan
A short list of the main characters in Behind Office Doors movie

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