Connect your PC to Smart TV

Download the Free Device Online Media Streamer to cast movies on your Smart TV

Stream movies, music and pictures to UPnP/DLNA devices

DeviceOnline software provides an easy way to play multimedia content from your computer to DLNA / UPnP-enabled devices.

How To Connect TV to PC
Connect TV to PC

Watch your favorite movies from your computer directly on the big TV screen.

Stream audio and video to your TV and home network devices with just a few clicks.

Features and Capabilities

DeviceOnline App comes with many nice features and capabilities such as:

Clean and easy to use interface

  • Use Drag & Drop for ultra fast playlist setup 
  • Add, remove, search and play media files from your playlist
  • Rearrange items in the playlist by simply Drag & Drop
  • Intuitive playback control and keyboard shortcut support
  • Watch high definition movies in a few clicks

Cast media files to your Smart TV for free

  • With a click you can cast musicmovies and pictures from your PC on your TV
  • Super fast discovery of Digital Media Renderers (DMR)
  • Connected to your home network devices such as: Smart TVs, XBox and other
  • Build-in media server
  • Keep using your computer while sharing media with your devices
  • Supports subtitles and wide range of media formats

Device Online Documentation

Media sharing is easier than ever. Visit our Hep page to learn details on how to stream multimedia on your devices.