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DeviceOnline ChangeLog

Below you can find the recent changes to the DeviceOnline applications and website.

Version 1.14 | Date: 2018-03-05

  1. Bugfix: Fixed wrong mime parsing in external URL
  2. Bugfix: Fixed 404 error in case of missing files 
  3. Bugfix: Fixed check for updates url to point to HTTPS domain
  4. Bugfix: Fixed YouTube URL parsing in case of list element
  5. Misc: Updated json parser 
  6. Misc: Improved DeviceOnline Remote UI loading when app started from browser

Version 1.13 | Date: 2018-02-26

  1. Misc: New installer based on MSI packages
  2. Feature: Subs support for external URL entries
  3. Feature: Updated Local Player to ba able to show images
  4. Feature: Updated and extended exnternal URL loading capabilities
  5. Bugfix: Network optimizations and fixes

Version 1.12 | Date: 2018-01-30

  1. Bugfix: Minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.11 | Date: 2018-01-24

  1. Fixed DeviceOnline stand alone Open page port
  2. Modified file transfer to prevent unneeded data send 
  3. Fixed DeviceOnline stand alone UI strings truncation 

Version 1.10 | Date: 2018-01-18

  1. Media server playlist updates to handle Drag&Drop recursive folder extraction
  2. Fixed some build issues.

Version 1.09 | Date: 2018-01-17

  1. Introduction of Drag&Drop functionality for fast playlist setup
  2. Additional browsing optimizations.


Version 1.08 | Date: 2018-01-14

  1. Changes: Media Streaming optimizations  
  2. Bugfix: Internal fixes and improvements.


Version 1.03 | Date: 2016-11-16

  1. Some subtitles support improvements. More info about subs setup here
  2. Some playback improvements.



Version 1.02 | Date: 2016-11-13

  1. Fixed playback shortcut buttons to prevent further propagading
  2. Fixed issue in deveice discovery URL parsing


Version 1.01 | Date: 2016-10-07

  1. Fixed minor issue in Local Player playback controls
  2. Fixed issue in Remote Player stop command


Version 1.0 | Date: 2016-10-05

  1. The DeviceOnline and DeviceOnlineLite apps are born

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