The Device Online is a free software for media cast to smart devices. In this article we will describe how to use the app for streaming to UPnP / DLNA devices.

Connect your TV to your home network

As a first step, you need to make sure you have a valid network connection between you TV and home computer.

Main Screen Overview

Generic controls and widgets

The DeviceOnline main window provides the following basic options.

1PlayersList with available players (DMR, Smart TV)N/A
2BrowseOpens a browse dialog to load media files into the playlistCtrl+O
3SearchText box for filtering / searching playlist itemsCtrl+F
4SortClick to sort the playlist in alphanumeric ascending orderShift+S
5ClearClear the playlistDEL
6RemoveRemove an element from the playlistN/A
7PlaylistThe playlist area. Use drag & drop or the Browse button to load files N/A
8External URLAdd an external media (audio, video or picture) as a playlist entry. For further details please visit: “How to cast external media“.Enter
9TimelineThe progress of the player’s playbackN/A
10Media controlsMedia player control buttonsN/A
11VolumeVolume control of the media player+/-
12Status barPlayer change notifications and other eventsN/A
13Help buttonIn case you need additional assistanceN/A
Description of the main dialog box of the player

Playback controls overview

The table below describes the media playback controls:

Next TrackLeft Arrow
Previous TrackRight Arrow
Media playback controls with shortcut keys

Cast audio, video and images to your UPnP devices

The Device Online software is designed to connect and stream media on your smart TV and similar devices.

Once the app starts, it starts scanning your local network for UPnP / DLNA compatible devices – Digital Media Renderers

The Device Online app will include each DLNA media renderer into the list of available media players.

Playlist management

Use the Browse button or just Drag & Drop multimedia files you want to cast. Feel free to read our tips and tricks for managing playlists for more details.

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