DeviceOnline is a small Windows app that can serve media files to home network devices via the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol.

Time needed: 1 minute

Please follow the steps below to download and install the Device Online app for Windows

  1. Open Microsoft Store

    You can download the DeviceOnline Media Streamer for Windows from the Microsoft Store for free. Just go to our Downloads page and click the “Download from Microsoft Store” button.

  2. Download

    Once you are in the Microsoft Store page click the “Get” button.
    *Note that you can download the app without an account, just click the “X” button in the “Sign in” dialog box.Download-DeviceOnlineFromMicrosoftStore

  3. Launch the Store app

    The web-browser will prompt you to open the “Microsoft Store” app.

  4. Installation

    The application is relatively small in size, so the installation should complete fairly quickly.

  5. Launch the DeviceOnline application

    Finally, the DeviceOnline app should appear in the Windows “Start” menu. You are now ready to start the free media streamer and play media files on your home TV remotely.

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