DeviceOnline is a free Windows app that uses DLNA protocol for media streaming to UPnP devices such as: TV, phone, tablet and more. Most smart TVs (such as LG) allow you to cast films with external subtitles.

Time needed: 1 minute

Device Online is a free software that can stream video with subtitles/captions to your Smart TV. Please read the steps below to learn how to play movies with subtitles on your media viewer.

  1. Make sure the caption file is with the same name as the movie

    To cast video with captions, first make sure that both the movie and the subtitle file have the same name.

  2. Subtitles file encoding

    Often subtitle files come in ASCII encoding. Most UPnP Digital Media Renderers require the encoding of the caption file to be in Unicode (e.g. for LG Smart TV the encoding is UTF-8 with BOM).

  3. Changing srt file encoding using text editor

    In case your Smart TV system does not provide settings for subtitles language, you need to change the file encoding to Unicode. To achieve this you can use popular text editor such as Visual Studio Code or Notepad++.

  4. Add a movie with captions to your playlist

    Drag and Drop the movie file/s along with corresponding subtitles (.srt) into the playlist.

  5. Play the video on your Smart TV

    Double click the video file in the playlist to cast it to your TV.

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